The Hobbit Literary Analysis Essay

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What Stories Are Made Of:
A Critique of ‘The Hobbit’ Using Poetics.

When asked what it is that makes a good story there are varying opinions. Regardless of what kind of story you like there are certain aspects about the stories that you like, or do not like, and that is why you return to that genre or author for more. Among the general list of suspects for what makes a story good it, “The plot. You have to be able to delve into the story, without that the story isn 't any good.” (Smith) and “How it 's told. Even the most boring of stories can be entertaining if they 're told well enough.” (Spencer), meaning the way the storyteller tells the story, and not the content at all. Others say “It’s not just one thing. It’s multiple things coming
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At the end of the tale, since you knew that Thorin and his nephews were dead or dying, and you knew the battle had been won, but there would be no celebrating on that day, you felt bad. The movie watcher pitied Thorin for losing everything, but succeeding in the end, it was the fact that he would never get to see the fruits of his labor that made the watcher pity him, and it was this same success that made you feel so much joy! The dwarves had their home back, but at what cost? What did they have to give away to get this, any why did someone’s death, someone who was clearly not real cause such a stirring of the emotions of the …show more content…
Whether it is because of the well written story, the amazing actors who brought the story to life, the protagonist and his flaws, or something else altogether. This tale does, however, fit all the requirements for a tragedy according to Poetics. It has a protagonist, it invokes catharsis and pathos, the protagonist has a tragic flaw, and he has a great downfall before the end of the tale. Because of this, The Hobbit is not only a good tragedy, but simply a good

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