The Hobbit By. R Tolkien Essay

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The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien is a well know fantasy novel about a hobbit going on an adventure. Hobbits are " little people, smaller than dwarves. They love peace and quiet and good tilled earth." (-13). Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit himself, he is very well respected hobbit who lives in a cozy hole; He enjoys smoking and sitting outside and is a lazy hobbit. Bilbo is chosen to go on an adventure by a wizard named Gandalf. Gandalf thinks it 's a good idea to bring Bilbo as the teams burglar, a team of 13 dwarves, because he believes he has the capacity to be a burglar and the dwarves will need him. The group doesn 't understand why Gandalf chose Bilbo to be their burglar due to the fact that he is afraid of adventures, " Sorry! I don 't want any adventures, thank you." (6). Throughout the novel, we see Bilbo change. Bilbo progressively turns into an expert burglar and a courageous hero through some significant events he encounters. These include his burglary of the trolls, the findings of the invisibility ring, the fight with the spiders, the approach of the elves dungeon and the stealing from Smaug the dragon. When the dwarves, Gandalf, and Bilbo start their journey the dwarves seem very unsure of Bilbo deciding to join them on the adventure. While they commenced their journey the day was awful and they decided to look for a "dry patch to sleep on". Later, one of the dwarves, Balin, spots a light, so they send in Bilbo to investigate where the light is coming from. Bilbo…

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