The History Of The Synagogue Essay

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The History of the Synagogue The synagogue has been one of the most important aspects of practicing the Jewish religion. The word synagogue comes from a Greek origin meaning to gather or come together. Prayer can be practiced any day of the week and is usually in small groups. Praying as a single is not common in Judaism but praying with a group of guys or with a group of girls is common. The leader of the prayer at a synagogue is what 's known as the Rabbi. Rabbi’s can also be teachers of the Jewish religion and also teach laws they must carry out. Although you may still hear the word Temple, it is most likely referring to the ancient Temple which originates in Jerusalem. Some of the first synagogues date back to before 150 BC. Synagogues were a lot more common after the second temple was destroyed in 70 AD.
The ceremony of service is held at the part of the synagogue called the sanctuary, where most of the prayer is done. The sanctuaries outside of Jerusalem are generally made so they face or are on the same side as Jerusalem which can mean they 're keeping the homeland in mind. The “Ark” on the sanctuary is known as the most important part because it holds the scripts of the Torah, which are the first five books of the scriptures. The doors of the sanctuary are sometimes closed or opened during the course of the service. The person who opens or closes the doors is someone with great honor and high importance of the congregation. Standing during the opening of the Ark…

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