Essay on The History of the Computer Mouse

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The History of the Computer Mouse
The computer mouse is considered an input device. With a click of a button, the mouse sends information to the computer. The computer mouse is an interesting device that offers an alternative way to interact with the computer beside a keyboard. A typical mouse has two buttons. At the top of the device you will find a left and right button which allows for “clicks”. There is a scrolling wheel between the two buttons.
Douglas Engelbart's device was not the first pointing device. In fact, it seems that the first product was a trackball. It was invented a lot earlier, in 1953, by Tom Cranston, Fred Longstaff and Kenyon Taylor for the Royal Canadian Navy. As part of the secret military project DATAR. The
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While the infrared mouse eliminates the mouse cord and provides a measure of freedom, it must be pointed directly at the IR receiver connected to the computer. It failed to provide the data transmission rates of a corded mouse. Various companies tried a similar IR technique over the years, but it never took off. (The Computer Mouse: A Timeline, 2013) During that same time, Apple introduced a new way of connecting mice and keyboards. Apple Desktop Bus with the launch of the Apple IIgs and the Mac SE a year later. Not surprisingly, Apple delivered a new wedge-shaped mouse for the bus called the Apple Desktop Bus Mouse.
Logitech released a wireless mouse in 1991. It used a radio frequency (RF) transmission. It was called the Cordless Mouse Man. Unlike other infrared cordless solutions, Logitech’s mouse didn’t require a line-of-sight with a base station to work. (SRI International , 2005) In 1998, The Apple “hockey puck” mouse ships with the original iMac. It’s ergonomically, questionable saucer-shaped appearance, made this mouse as notable as the first Apple mouse. It was the first Apple mouse to support the USB standard. The iMac marks the beginning of the end of the ADB interface that graced Macs for 11 long years.
Around 1999, Agilent developed the first optical mouse sensor that works without need for a special pad, providing a breakthrough for the optical tracking revolution. Around the same time, Microsoft popularized the scroll wheel

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