The History Of The Americas Continent Essay

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The history of the Americas continent is pretty much alike, due to the late discovery of the land by numerous mainly European explorers. The establishment of United States is closely related to the settlement of English and also Spanish settler. Similarly, the history of the country right above America, which is Canada also related to England as well as France. The book I will be comparing with Loewen’s is Canada Revisited by Clark and McKay.
Canada, now known as a multicultural and bilingual nation, was established by the English and French colonization. The two countries came there in sixteenth century and changed the history of that land ever since. Europeans saw the unlimited opportunities and decided to settle to the new land due to the poor economic and social situation in Europe. Merchants on the other side, noticed the business chances as they developed the idea of mercantilism, in this case meaning that Europeans collecting raw materials in the new land, bringing the materials back to Europe to manufacture into finished goods and then selling them back to the Natives. They also developed fur trade, which is a trade between the Aboriginals and Europeans with fur for any kind of advanced goods produced in Europe. Likewise, the circumstances in America is roughly similar. By contacting the Europeans, the Native Americans had access to much of progressive goods as well as ideas initiated in Europe. In this case, Europeans not only brought goods to America, they also…

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