The History Of Education : Website

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The “History of Education” Website The “History of Education Society” website contains various articles and hundreds of links leading to old news articles, pictures, and informative editorials on the history of education throughout the world. There is an option of joining this society and becoming a part of the history by adding one’s own pictures and stories of their historical journey through the school system, as well as joining in meetings and helping decide what the Society covers next. Every year, the Society hosts a meeting for all of its members to discuss new additions to the site and new research into the history of education. I have used this site before for another project for a History class, and it was greatly received research. It is free for anyone to view on the “History of Education Society” website, and is a great tool to use for future teachers and students.
The History of Education Society’s Mission
It is made very clear on the website what the History of Education Society’s Mission is: “To promote the study and teaching of the history of education; to encourage and support research in the history of education; to represent the interests of the field of the history of education; to promote the public profile and an informed public understanding of the history of education by engaging in relevant public debates; to encourage and support new researchers in the history of education; to provide collaboration and exchange among those interested in the

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