The Hispanic And American Culture Essay

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All around the world, countries choose to admire the culture they grow up in; therefore, making every person unique in their own way. Several times, cultures differ so much that people tend to see cultural habits as unnatural. Two cultures that differ in several ways include Hispanic and American cultures. Some of these ways include food, language, reputation and stereotyping, and nationalism. All these factors differ within the cultures themselves and the people. When examining and comparing the difference between theses two cultures, it becomes evident that the Hispanic culture is superior than the American culture. To begin with, often food’s just seen as what keeps the human body alive and running, but the role of food, if gone more into depth, can be seen as a factor that differentiates cultures from each other. Food itself continues to be one of the main factors that differs greatly throughout cultures, in this case Hispanic and American culture. Food eaten throughout the day is the source that provides the body with energy (“Nutrients and their Functions”). In a regular American culture diet, Americans are accustomed to eating three meals a day. This goes on to how Hispanic culture differs when it comes to the amount of food eaten daily. In Hispanic culture, Hispanics are accustomed “to eating four or five meals each day” (“Cultural Diversity”). The amount of times these cultures eat is not the only difference within food. Each culture is used to consuming…

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