The Highest Happiness On Earth Is The Happiness Of Marriage Essay

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William Lyon Phelps, who was a well-known American author, critic, and scholar once said “The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage”. Marriage is a life changing experience. People always ask, who’s that person that I am going to spend the rest of my life with? In an ideal marriage, one is with the person one loves and the two of them start a family together. Marriage gives them financial stability and it assures trust and commitment between them.

There are people who will not get married because it could cause financial problems, but there are actually some financial benefits to getting married. According to Turbo Tax, a reputable American tax preparation software, if one spouse has a benefit through work that the other does not have, that latter is allowed to use it. For example, if one spouse has a better health plan than the other, that other spouse is allowed to use that health plan. However, there are some disadvantages in respect to taxes when one gets married. For instance, it would be more difficult to reach the higher minimum percentage of income necessary to be able to deduct for medical and miscellaneous expenses. Nevertheless, if one spouse is losing money, this could help both of them because they would get tax deductions. Also, it takes less time and money to file a joint tax return because the couple files just one form.

Marriage is about trust and commitment. It means that the two spouses will be attached to each other for the rest of…

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