The High Rates Of Recidivism Essay

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Today, it is commonly understood that justice is blind, and we the American people have historically accepted that as fact. However, it could be reasonably argued that the judicial system in America is a failure that should be changed immediately to a more standardized system that encourages reform over punishment. There is a critical need for reform in the United States justice system, and clear evidence of that need are the high rates of recidivism, the inequality of sentencing based on race or socioeconomic class, and the inconsistencies in sentencing, which in many cases leads to longer prison terms for lesser crimes.
Evolved from English common law, the United States judiciary system is an intricate series of complex judgments, decisions, and procedures. A corner-stone of this systematic practice is the belief that a crime against an individual is a crime against society as a whole, therefore, must be punished by that same society. The intent of incarceration is to rehabilitate the offender so that they might return to society and become productive members of it.
Recidivism is a major problem in the United States, as nearly two-thirds of those released from prison, offend again. (U.S. Department of Justice [USDJ], 2014, para. 1) The idea that these relapses in crime are unavoidable stems from the mindset that once a person is a criminal they will always be a criminal. Unfortunately, those beliefs are reinforced by the statistics. In fact, in many cases in…

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