The High Cost Of Medication Essay

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As the elderly population keeps growing there is no doubt that they will face financial, health and social issues. One issue that many elderly people are facing is the high cost of medications. Generally speaking, medications are expensive. However, the high cost of medications tends to have an effect to the elderly population more because as one gets older they are more exposed to experience a chronic illness and are more likely to consume multiple medications a day (Cavanaugh & Blanchard-Fields, 2015). It is known that the United States has one of the highest prices when it comes to prescription drugs. There are numerous factors in why the high cost of medication tends to affect the elderly. For instance, Medicare does not tend to cover all prescription drug expenses, and many don’t have health insurance due to their socioeconomic status making many pay out of pocket for medical expenses (Xu., 2003). This then leads to who makes the decisions on what medications to get and what actions to take if any. For example, mental illness such as dementia and depression tends to have a major impact and toll not just to the patient but to family members.

According World Health Organization (2016), over 20 percent of adults 60 and older suffer from a mental or neurological disorder. An example of a common mental illness among the elderly population is dementia. Dementia is a syndrome that causes deterioration in memory, behavior, thinking and interferes with the performance of a…

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