The Hidden Reality Of College Essay

1098 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
It is kind of interesting to find out that college doesn’t even guarantee that success that students were ever so promised. Relating back to the title, the hidden reality of college is how much money is really spent in investing in college. Everything in college costs, when it comes to living, eating, simply just attending, even having the right to claim a degree. The whole picture of this argument is the injustice found in the complete concept of college. The point of students having to pay so much and receive so little in return. Students give their all to achieve the degree from college and don’t even get that same amount given back. A great question also wondered is, have college noticed this? Looking back on the information of cost it would be expected so, but since college prices increasingly climb each year the answer to that question would be no. Colleges are failing to see that the cost is unbearable and some part of the time do not provide any form of success. Which is exactly what students are motivated to gain through college. The big picture is focused around the reality of college. Students not having job is a huge mistake fallen on the college. If students decide to get a degree in a certain major that isn’t so common, it should not cost so much money. Degrees should be priced depending on the popularity of the major. Degrees that are not popular are overpriced and leave the recipient with a large bill. Discovering social justice through college is quite…

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