The Hero With A Thousand Faces Essay example

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In Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces,” Campbell describes how myths are stories that can reveal information about oneself and the world around them through heroic journeys. These “journeys” or heroic “quests,” be they physical or mental, are what one must go through in order to reach deeper knowledge. According to Campbell, the three central parts of a journey are, “a separation from the world, a penetration to some source of power, and a life-enhancing return” (35). I believe the most important of these three steps is the first; “a separation from the world.” It is often said that the first step is always the hardest, and I believe that this saying fits in perfectly with Campbell’s heroic journeys, making the first step the most critical. This is not to say that the others are not important, people start things without finishing them all the time, but finding the courage to start something new isn’t always the easiest task. In chapter one Campbell goes into depth on the “departure” from the old world. The first subsection is titled, “The Call to Adventure,” and is followed by the subsections, “Refusal of the Call,” and “Crossing the First Threshold,” these are the sections I will be talking about the most.

“Crossing the First Threshold” is equivalent to “a separation from the world,” it is that first step into the new world. While one may think that “Crossing the First Threshold” is a simple task it is important to think about all the parts that proceed…

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