The Hero Of Quixote By Don Quixote Essay example

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A hero is an evolution of character brought on by experiences and demands encountered by a person. In Cervantes story, “Don Quixote”, the main character imagines himself as an instant hero regardless of the fact that a true hero is a product of their environment, not their mind. In Don Quixote’s fantasies, he wants to become a legend in his own time. Quixote’s private world of fantasies, which he has created from his library, is interlaced with the world of reality that he encounters. At many times, it involves people who are not aware of his fantasies; therefore, this causes a conflict between himself and those he interacts with in his adventures. Some people question whether Cervantes wrote this story as a historical document or a fictional document for entertainment. The story lets the reader decide whether or not Don Quixote is actually mentally unstable or simply refusing to face reality by becoming absorbed in his own fantasy world. Quixote’s life on his estate seemed to be lacking an exciting adventure. He absorbs himself in his library where he studied on books about chivalry as well as the responsibilities and adventures of knighthood. Through his studies, the fantasy world took over his reality world. “So great was his curiosity and infatuation in this regard that he even sold many acres of tillable land in order to be able to buy and read the books that he loved, and he would carry home with him as many of them as he could” (Cervantes 2363). Quixote believes in…

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