Essay about The Hero Of Beowulf By William Shakespeare

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During times in which people are desperately in need, they always seem to turn to the same person for guidance, a hero. This distinguished leader is composed of various qualities that are vital to their heroic makeup. Throughout history people have been taught the stories of many real and fictional hero’s that have graced our world with their presence. Among these influential leaders is a man named Beowulf. Needless to say it is no coincidence that he is remembered as a great hero. Beowulf will never be forgotten, due to the praise that he receives for the heroic qualities that he possesses such as loyalty, courage,and strength. (108) Loyalty is not only one of the building blocks of a hero 's persona, it is also an important part of a humans life. This characteristic can show itself in many ways. For instance, it can be seen through the bonds and promises that are made between two people. Loyalty can also be demonstrated through ones dedication to an agreement. Beowulf embodies this quality with ease and grace. From the very beginning of his life Beowulf represents loyalty. For instance, after hearing the information regarding King Hrothgar’s troubles with a monster known as Grendel, he immediately assembles a group of men to bring aid to the Danes. He takes this action in order to honor and maintain the loyalty that exists between King Hrothgar and his late father. Beowulf proceeds to keep his word to the King of the Danes and rid his land of the treacherous monster,…

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