The Hero As A Hero Essay

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Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces portrays the hero as a character destined for greatness. But that raises the question of aren’t we all heroes in a sense? He acknowledges that the potential of a hero resides in every soul but fails to mention that everyone on earth is destined for greatness. Everyone is a hero in their own right and their own myth, their life, and each person makes choices that either aid or hinder their personal heroic quest, whether they are aware they are on one or not. Some may refuse the call and others will go willingly into the unknown to simply experience something new. One may eagerly step back into the mortal world and share their ultimate boon with humanity while others may seek to hide behind the wall of paradise and forget their old world. Campbell is successfully able to outline and describe the general basis of the heroic quest, but also acknowledges that each journey is that of the hero’s: it is unique to them, our quests are unique to us. It is also critical to mention that the actions of an individual ultimately decide their fate as they can transform themselves from the protagonist to their own enemy in an instant and risk the success of their personal journeys. Joseph Campbell points out that, “the changes rung on the simple scale of the monomyth defy description” (pg. 212) and acknowledges that though the same essence of heroism that is exhibited in every single story, myth, or tale the details and nuances are what make…

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