Greek Era Analysis

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Response to Maikel Bonilla’s Module Four Discussion Post

I enjoyed reading your discussion post and I think you gave a lot of further insight to the study of the Hellenist Era. I too selected the instructor’s commentary “the Hellenic Era”. I think that as the Greeks were just exhausted from all the warfare and political fighting. This lead to a better understand of the world. This led to self-examination as you stated and led to the world of philosophy. This did, using your words, led to “the rise of Greek science and philosophy. I did not expand in my discussion post on the scientific discovery during this period but enjoyed reading your commentary regarding the discovery of Pythagoras. I think this discovery was genius for this period
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I think that you brought up some good points regarding this article. As you stated, “the ancestors of the Etruscans had lived for centuries by tending crops, herding animals, spinning and weaving cloth” which one would think they lived an ordinary life. However, historian have discovered many paintings and personal artifacts that may show the ancestors of the Etruscan were wealthy. In addition, the Etruscans strongly influenced Rome by trade. Even after Rome conquered Italy, the riches and glory of the Etruscans can be seen through historians and …show more content…
I selected this weblink also because I had the opportunity to see the city of Pompeii while touring Italy. The site is completely amazing. I found it so interesting to see the artifacts and how well they recovered the ruins. The city of Pompeii clearly connects historically because it gives us a valuable insight into the Roman world and the remains shows us the riches, architectural styles, artwork, and bronze statues in the Early Roman Empire era.

I enjoyed reading your discussion post that you retrieved from the weblink, “Rome Reborn 2.1”. I selected another article titled “Mapping Rome” so I enjoyed reading your take on this article. I also had the opportunity to see the Coliseum located in Rome. It too was completely amazing. I too found it extremely interesting that these sites, as you stated, “still stands the test of time, as many of these sites are still present today in Rome”. These sites allow us to experience history in such a wonderful

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