Augustus And Ovid: Video Analysis

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The history of the Rome gets more interesting with every new thing I have learned. Like the history of anything, it notes important times and rulers. The rulers of Rome did not always play by the rules and neither did the people of Rome. To listen and read about certain people like Augustus and Ovid makes the history more interesting.
This video starts off with telling about how Augustus grew up and that he lost his father when he was only the age of 4. (Order from Chaos, 5:10) Telling Augustus’s back story and how he grew up allowed more understanding of how he ruled Rome. He was growing up with Caesar at power and looked up to his great uncle who adopted him and made him his successor. Then Mark Antony is talked about and how he came to
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The book adds much more detail about certain things in the government and what Augustus did. There was the creation of the principate, the praetorian guard and more that was neglected from in the video. When natural disasters happened, they wanted to give more power to Augustus but after he had more power and disasters happened he was forced to make decisions that not everyone agreed with like taxation. Augustus made many changes in politics and his own name. The only name changed mentioned in the video was Augustus wanting to be called “son of the divine” since Julius Caesar was called the divine (Order from Chaos, 22:33). The beginning of the video only said that his name was Octavian but changed to Augustus, in the book it tells us why his name was changed. His name was changed to Augustus as an honorary title that meant “divinely favored” (Hunt, 177, Unit 2 -Rise and Fall of Rome) Although both had noted the importance in his name the word divine was in both names mentioned or changed. Since Augustus was given “superhuman tasks” (Order from Chaos, 22:29) the name fit. Superhuman can be another word to define a god, something divine can also be considered a god. Augustus was seen as someone who was divine since he had so much power over Rome. Although

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