Essay on The Healthcare System Of The United States

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It is no secret that many Americans aren’t happy with the United States’s healthcare system, and even through the U.S. is one of the richest countries in the world, it is ranked 37th in the world for healthcare. In two PBS documentaries, the healthcare system of the United States is examined and compared to other countries. These documentaries highlight many of the problems with U.S. healthcare, and explains what other countries have done to fix these problems. By looking at the problems with U.S healthcare and how other countries have fixed these problems, a solution can be put together as a proposed way to fix America’s healthcare system. Paul Stephens was laid off of his job in 2005. Beforehand, he had a nice house, good job, and life looked promising for the 63 year old. However, after he lost his job, he couldn’t afford to keep his health insurance, so he tried to find insurance in the private market. The problem though, was that private insurance companies in America don’t have to cover someone if they don’t want to. In fact, they will find any reason not to cover someone; and for Paul, that reason was diabetes. After having a heart attack shortly after being turned down, and having no insurance, Paul Stephens went bankrupt due to his medical bills and had to move in with his mother. This and many other problems exist for Americans who need health insurance in the U.S., as 700,000 people a year go bankrupt because of medical bills. Sometimes people have to choose a…

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