The Health Situation Of The Philippines Essay

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Country Summary According to the World Health Organization in 2014, the health situation in the Philippines can be summarized in three points: 1. Stagnation, 2. Inequality, and 3. Opportunity. The Philippines is considered a lower middle income country and is faced with a “triple burden” of disease. This includes high incidences of all key communicable diseases and an increasing number of non-communicable diseases. Another issue is that medicine prices remain some of the highest among other Asian countries. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), set within 2015, were created with intent to reduce these issues by enforcing the following goals which involve eradicating extreme hunger to improving maternal health. The MDGs were first enacted through the adoption of the Millennium Declaration by member states of the United Nations in September of 2000. By analyzing major health problems such as malnutrition and the rate of maternal mortality within the Philippines, the country can work to eliminate setbacks which prevent them from becoming a more developed nation. The malnutrition rate of the Philippines in 2011 was 20.2% according to the Fifth MDG Progress Report published in 2014. This number is unfortunately high and is far from the target rate of 13.6% by 2015. Poverty, increasing food prices, and poor access to quality drinking water are among some of the key contributing factors to malnutrition as well as hunger. Chronic
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