The Health Of The Environment Essay

1322 Words Nov 17th, 2016 6 Pages
Today the world’s environment faces one of its largest problems: apathy. True, many people care about the environment, however the majority of the population lives a lifestyle that does nothing for the maintaining of the health of the environment. Sadly, many Christians are included in this non-supportive majority. However, Christians specifically are called to do more than just support the health of the environment, they are called to improve the health of the environment. By working to change their lifestyle to maintain a healthy environment, supporting the environment through every-day choices, and improving the environment through the scientific advancement of technology, all Christians can fulfill their command to support and improve the health of the environment. Maintaining the health of the environment is the first step that Christians can take towards fulfilling the command of the Dominion Mandate. Derek Isaac (2013), a researcher for Answers in Genesis, defines the Dominion Mandate by stating “In very clear language the Bible explains that man was made in the image of God and was given dominion over the creatures and was given authority to subdue the earth” (p. 1). This Dominion Mandate placed the responsibility to take care of the earth upon the shoulders of humanity, and specifically Christians. Also, God commands those who follow Him to live as He lived (1 John 2:6) which means that Christians should live in such a way that they reflect His…

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