The Health Information Exchanges ( Hie ) Essay

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The health information exchanges are very significant in the modern healthcare systems. The health information exchanges (HIE) allow the movement of clinical information in disparate information systems in the different locations. The HIE also ensures that the information that is transmitted is still relevant in meaning. HIE is very critical in ensuring that there is faster access to health information, and quality services are also provided to the patients. It is evident that the HIE holds the future of efficiency in healthcare systems. The HIE allows the doctors to access the patient health information, and this enables quality decision-making. For example, through the help of the HIE, the doctor can easily avoid making a prescription that is allergic to the patient. The implementation of HIE in a state is not an easy process. It is a process that takes a multidisciplinary approach where different players come together for a common course. The paper lays an explicit focus on the efforts that are being made to implement the HIE in Pennsylvania state.
HIE implementation in PA
From 2009, the state of Pennsylvania has made a lot of efforts to implement the HIE. The state sought the funding from the federal government in 2009, and the government released funding to the office of national coordinator. After 2009, the state of Pennsylvania has been seeking partnership with other players in the market so as to ensure that the efforts towards HIE implementation are well…

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