The Health Concerns Of Sedentary Lifestyle Essay

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Data Analysis
Sedentary Lifestyle Health Concerns The ability of a company’s wellness program to mitigate the sedentary lifestyle health concerns will be dependent understanding the types of health concerns employees will potentially experience due to a sedentary lifestyle at work. Understanding the type of health concerns a sedentary office position may impose on an employee would drive the required types of activities and company support to participate in these activities to reduce or mitigate the impact of sedentary disease. This section of the data analysis will be focused on the type of health concerns and the impact of a sedentary health concern has on the employee in an office environment. Workforce Sedentary Lifestyle. In 1960, American employment positions were categorized as active work with a correlating percentage of 80%. In contrast to the 1960 high percentage of active work, today’s percentage of active work has a significantly and remarkably reduced to a percentage of 20% active work. Figure 1 illustrates the adult waking hour activities and the distribution of sedentary to physical activity to provide a visual understanding of a typical adult’s level of physical activity. (Owen, Bauman, & Brown, 2009) As of 2012, the American worker averages about 9.3 hours a day in a sedentary position or a sitting position. (Matthews et al., 2012) With the notable decrease in active work, there has been a rise in sedentary or non-active work and serious health…

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