Essay about The Health Care Worker : An Assessment On Someone From India

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Although the majority of people from India believe in Hinduism, not all of them believe in it. If a health care worker were to do an assessment on someone from India, it would be good to ask what their beliefs are and how important it is to them. This way the health care worker can be more familiar on the amount of care they need. One could ask if there is a group they attend and how important it is to them. This is a good way of getting the feel for the reasons they may make certain decisions with health care. Knowing that they need a pastor can help them deal with their treatment options. The health care worker should be mindful of these beliefs because this is how they may deal with pain. Letting them do these measures can give them the feeling of quality care by the faculty.
Religion and spirituality can be perceived differently in all eyes. It may be in one’s day to day life or not as much in others’ lives. To be able to do an assessment correctly on someone who come from a different background it would be good to know the difference between religion and spirituality. In 2007, Chattopadhyay found religion to be beliefs, practices and language that symbolizes a community usually based on faith in a god (P.263). In 2007, Chattopadyay found spirituality to be an experimental process looking for meaning and purpose, connectedness and values (P.263). Religion is where you go for guidance, and spirituality is what you feel inside. This is really important to…

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