Essay about The Health Behavior Model Is Perceived Susceptibility

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The health behavior that I am choosing to modify is to increase the time I spend engaging in physical activity, daily. In doing so I plan to monitor the days out of the week and amount of time per day that I will engage in a form of exercise. As a first course of action, I am setting a realistic goal. I want to engage in physical activities for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. One of steps of the health behavior model is perceived susceptibility, which means understanding my attitude regarding how likely I am to engage in physical activity. For example taking into consideration if my parents, and sibling are either active or not active and whether I may be susceptible to the same issues. This can affect my likelihood of engaging in physical activity. Having realized both my parents are lightly active and realizing my siblings are active I realized I have good chances of being active. I then went on to analyze my perceived severity, which refers to the degree people deem not exercising a serious condition. Realizing I should’ve had my wake up call a while ago when I visited the doctor due to my missing my menstrual cycle for about 3 months (knew I wasn’t pregnant). I went on to visit the doctor and asked about my diet and exercise routine. Having realized I was eating unhealthy food and told him I had completely stopped doing exercise. He recommended that I should become active again which, I always was in high school and eat less junk food. I then assessed the perceived…

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