The Healing Of A Healing Hospital Essay

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A healing physical environment is a unique alternative to the current paradigm of cookie-cutter hospitals designed to efficiently treat and push out patients as quickly as they enter. The culture today is advancing its attempts on a radical new way of patient treatment that advocates loving care and the integration of technology, often referred to as a healing hospital. These three important factors play a considerable part in the healing hospital philosophy, as a way to be successful. The insights represented in the core of a healing hospital changed my perspective on healthcare treatment in the modern age, as there are many advantages with very few setbacks. However, instituting these three components is no easy task, as it may hinder the current hospital paradigm of efficiency, however, offers a much more intimate form of caregiving that has been proven to aid in the healing process in the long run.
One of the main components of a modern day healing hospital is in the staff’s ability to create a healing physical environment. As Laurie Eberst, previous president for Dignity Health, points out in her article, Health Hospitals, patients are allowed to get the maximum amount of rest, which has been proven to enable human, “cells to regenerate much faster and accelerates the healing process. . .” (Eberst, 2006). To achieve this type of environment, changes in the hospital building must occur. For example, some of the physical changes would include; carpeted patient care…

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