Essay on The Heads Up : Causes And Effects Of Brain Injuries

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Heads Up: causes and effects of brain injuries in athletes Each individual raindrop crashes against the thousands of fake green strands of artificial turf that creates a slippery battlefield. The rustic benches are stacked endlessly to provide an ultimate view of the fierce duel that is going to begin at any second. The crowd is roaring as steaming hot chocolate is spilling, and the stands are squeaking as they sway back and forth from the uncontrolled chants. The tension is forming, the little girl can feel the excitement building inside her heart, and the emotions are vibrating through her veins. The little girl senses the pressure as high expectations are hanging in the air since coaches, parents, siblings, teammates, and classmates all are depending on her to secure the state title. Her head is pounding, and her eyes feel as if they weigh a hundred pounds. The scorching locker room lights seem to send electrical zaps through her head while she places her pink pre-wrap in her brown curly hair and slips on her bright yellow cleats that embody an endless amount of talent. As her cleats hit the pavement, she walks out of the secluded locker room into the rain, and onto the pitch. The little girl almost falls as her ears tremble from the insanely loud crowd, her heart beat is racing as it echoes throughout her cold body, and she blacks out for a second barely catching herself from collapsing as she slides onto the stiff bench. Though the little girl was advised to not…

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