Grade 1 Concussion Research Paper

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What is a concussion? How do you get a concussion?

By definition, a concussion or TBI “is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a blow to the head or body, a fall, another injury that jars or shakes the brain inside the skull”. In other words, a concussion is an unconsciousness of the brain. This unconsciousness can result from injuries. Such as getting hit in the head by a car accident, in any sports such as boxing, soccer, snowboarding, hockey etc. these are some examples of how you can get a concussion. These activities have the potential risk of causing the brain to bounce or move back and forth from its natural position. Yes, your skull, meninges, and cerebrospinal fluid help protect your brain, but in some circumstances the impact may be too powerful and causes your brain to “bump” into the skull, causing cell damages and concussion results. Although some people may pass out when they have a concussion, you don 't have to pass out to experience a concussion. For instance, you may not pass out, but you
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The classification is Grade 1 concussion, Grade 2 concussion, and grade 3 concussion. Grade 1 being the least severe and Grade 2 being the most severe concussion. In Grade 1 concussion, the individual does not lose consciousness. However, he or she may be dazed, confused, or spaced out for less than 15 minutes after the brain injury, and they fully recover within 20 minutes or less. In Grade 2 concussion, the individual does not lose consciousness. However, he or she might not remember the brain injury they had just experienced. Their symptoms, such as dizziness and confusion, will last longer than 20 minutes. This is because Grade 2 concussion is more severe than Grade 1 concussion. In Grade 3 concussion, the individual loses consciousness for a short amount of time and most of the time he or she does not remember what happened right before or right after the brain injury. This is how concussions are

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