The Harmful Effects Of Cerebrovascular Accident Essay examples

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The Harmful Effects of Cerebrovascular Accident
Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) is the sudden death of some brain cells due to lack of oxygen when the blood flow to the brain is impaired by blockage or rupture of an artery to the brain. A CVA is also referred to as a stroke, a medical emergency, and treatment must be sought as quickly as possible (Medicine Net, 2013). There are three main kinds of stroke: Ischemic strokes, Hemorrhagic stroke, and Transient ischemic attacks (TIA). Stroke is the 4th leading cause of death in the United States, with one person dying every 4 minutes as a result. Approximately 800,000 people have a stroke each year; about one every 40 seconds (McIntosh, 2015). This is a severe disease attacking Americans, by the numbers. In the US, approximately 40% of stroke deaths are in males, with 60% in females. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), in 2006, the stroke death rates per 100,00 population could be split into specific social groups at 41.7% for white males, 41.1% for white females, 67.7% for black males and 57.0% for black females.
The different forms of stroke have different specific causes. Ischemic strokes are the most common form of stroke, with around 85% of strokes being of this type. The arteries that connect to the brain becoming blocked or narrowed, resulting in ischemia - severely reduced blood flow cause them. These blockages are often caused by blood clots, which can form either in the arteries connecting to the brain,…

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