The Hardest Decision I Ever Made Essay

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Sept. 20, 2011

The most difficult decision I’ve ever made

We all have to make decisions everyday- big or small. But sometimes decision making creates a conflict and it becomes very difficult to make choices or to decide. Sometimes the smallest decisions prove to be the most difficult one. We all encounter different scenarios everyday. What‘s difficult for me might be the easiest one for you.

My Mom and Dad always compare me with my younger sister. They said that I and my sister are very opposite in terms of physical appearances like she is thin and I’m fat moreover in terms of our beauty, attitudes and characteristics. I can say that the best thing that can describe me is being thrifty or wise in terms of money. I don’t
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Imagine the money that you saved for how many years and you will just let it go for one day? In the end I kept my selfishness away and go to my mom and dad’s room and gave them my money. I know it’s not enough for our tuition fee but it will help. I let go of my material desire and grab the benefits that not only me can get but also my family. I saved my parents from mental stress and both I and my sister can take the exam. That musical instrument can wait and there will be always a best and a new model that will rise. I know that those new instruments are not the same with the one that I eyed for but there will always be another one that I can use to play my favorite songs.

Sometimes what we think is best is not the best that God wants for us. Giving up what we have sometimes will bring better outcomes. Like in my situation the money that I gave up to help my parents was returned and the musical instrument that I want was safe in my side. I can say that it’s not always a choice but a decision to be

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