Essay about The Happy Secret And Better Work By Shawn Achor

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In the article “The Happy Secret to Better Work”, Shawn Achor talks about the reality of being happy and what it can do to your career. Achor relates happiness and positivity to a theory called positive psychology which is an outlook that can help people in the long run of their careers. Achor talks about happiness and how being creative and different can help their lives having skills in a variety of things. Achor wants people to fulfill their potential and succeed in life at their careers whatever it may be. He also talks about the fact that long term happiness is mostly perceived by the way your brain sees the external world, but if we change our positivity and the way we see the world it can help us succeed in whatever were doing as a career. The trick Achor says is to train the brain to be positive in the present moment and that can help people achieve their goals and excel the barriers or limits they thought they might have.
Happiness isn’t something that just comes along over time. Being happy and successful in life doesn’t mean you can just sit there and it will fall into your lap, it means going out fighting for what you want and making yourself happy. This goes with jobs, and picking a career it all revolves around the person finding something they love to do and going to school for it. People nowadays more than ever are leaving their fulltime jobs to pursue careers in what they actually enjoy doing. I agree with Achor in his article about the theory of positive…

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