The Happy Life For An Epicurean Man Essay

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a representative Epicurean philosopher, has provided an extensive description on human sexuality and a physiological interpretation of it. By offering a scientific explanation, Lucretius distinguishes between sexual pleasure and the purpose of human intercourse. He does not condemn sexual pleasure, but attempts to rationalize it as a way of releasing physical tensions without becoming obsessed with a single object of desire. Hence, appropriate manner of sex leads a life free of mental disturbance and madness, for the highest good of life, according to Lucretius, consists in “… (living) on a little with contented mind; for a little is never lacking.” On the other hand, human copulation has a higher end, for mankind is able to procreate via copulation and thus extend their lives. For Lucretius, the happy life for an Epicurean man is to have a tranquil marriage with a homely wife, in which beauty is unnecessary and even disturbing. In this aspect, heterosexual love is a greater cause compared to homosexual love, and Roman culture bears an emphasized value on marriage and family. This view has also been discussed by Plato in Symposium, where he writes “… when a man and a woman come together in order to give birth, this is a godly affair. Pregnancy, reproduction – this is an immortal thing for a mortal animal to do …” For a similar reason, stoic scholars in ancient Roman society also value marriage over homosexual relationships as consider human as “communally sexual animals.”…

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