The Handheld Device Provided The Perfect Balance Of Work And Play

1291 Words Oct 16th, 2016 6 Pages
In mid August, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7. According to the tech company, this new smartphone was a breakthrough for the company’s Galaxy series (“Samsung Unveils...” 2016). The handheld device provided the perfect balance of work and play, boasting new features for optimal satisfaction. These included a sleek new design, advanced security and “best-in-class” entertainment (2016). With the addition of a completely water resistant body, the new Galaxy Note 7 had just about everything…or so the company thought. While the new phone can hold its own against some H2O, it apparently is no match for inferno. It wasn’t long after the August 19th release, that Samsung started getting reports of the lithium batteries in the Note 7 overheating, expanding, and in turn, catching the phone on fire (Hollister, 2016). The first complaint emerged from South Korea on August 24th and since then reports have been flooding in from all around the globe (Reuters, 2016). After this, the company announced their Global Replacement Program where they urged customers to power down their phones and return them via ground mail, in packages Samsung now provides, in exchange for a new Galaxy Note 7 (Menegus, 2016). However, it didn’t appear this new program solved anything as complaints continued from consumers, businesses like Southwest Airlines, and agencies like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (Reuter, 2016). Despite complaints about original and replacement phones, Samsung continued to…

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