The Han Dynasty And Roman Empire Essay

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Since its beginning, mankind has been engaged in a desperate struggle for power. In attempts to secure this power, many leaders and groups worked toward forming empires and societies. While few ultimately accomplished this to any degree of significance, some of these endeavors resulted in the paragons of today’s most accomplished organizations. While a number of similarities likely accounted for the overall prosperity, it can be argued that successful communities have always shared a specific common factor: an established set of social norms or rules to create a unified cohesion among its citizens. Though these expectations or obligations inevitably varied, they nevertheless existed and underpinned the fragile nature of society. Among those to most effectively exploit the necessity of order in a civilization, the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire, maintained rule through their own sets of both formal and informal directives. THE HAN DYNASTY AND ROMAN EMPIRE BECAME TWO OF THE WORLD’S MOST LARGEST, LONG LASTING, AND ACCLAIMED DOMINIONS THROUGH COMPARABLE REGULATIONS OF THEIR SUBJECT’S IN AREAS OF CORE VALUES, SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS, AND DUTIES TO THE STATES. Both the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire acquired their eminence through their diverse populations, driven toward solidarity by providing ideals and principles that their nationals could truly believe in. Compelled by their strong fundamental values, the Romans, in their originally unwritten laws, emphasized individual…

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