Importance Of Hierarchy In Modern Society

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Hierarchy is a generally accepted term and often associated with positions given on the basis of social status—believed to either bring to order and solidity, or destruction and discrimination into society. Either way, it is an inevitable and existent model in society today; From the beginning of time, this model has been embedded within society through organized religions’, governments, educational institutions, occupational positions, in families, in the biological and chemical aspects in the world and even nature. Hierarchy is inevitable because it develops a coalesced or unified sense of direction that society tends to seek and follow—it improves group functioning as a whole. Even though some may believe this model in society may bring …show more content…
the possibility of totalitarianism or despotism or fascism being integrated globally among communities. Indeed, through time, there has been monarchs and leaders elected who have abused their power for “evil”, or in their own interest in communities, but it is unlikely today due to the amount of exposure these leaders and monarchs have to the community. The likelihood of totalitarianism or despotism or fascism, rather than a democracy (equal rights and choice through hierarchical models), being existent in society is low and permanent atrophy of fascism. This is proven through historical events that is through the defeat of Hitlerian fascism; the well-known events of the Holocaust during the ruling of Adolf Hitler lasted twelve years; a time before televisions and radios were adverse items available to everyone. The camps were only exposed as the Allies advanced on the German army. However, with the growing population having access to and using the advancing technologies today, these politicians and monarchs are constantly in the public eye, ultimately the public is constantly being in knowing, seeing and hear stories within milliseconds, through these variety of media, not just radio and newspapers as once may have been used. Everyone in the community has the opportunity to speak out confidently, without the fear of being silenced by death or humiliation for speaking out (as it once did). Hence, the hierarchical model focuses on giving equal rights and equal treatment, not equal power for progressive and organized

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