The Han Dynasty And Roman Empire Essay

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The Han Dynasty is well known for the imperial expansions of China. This allowed many trades and communications, such as technology, with other classical empires, more importantly the Roman Empire. During the Classical Period (600 B.C.E- 600 C.E) the Han Dynasty and Roman Empire possessed different attitudes towards technology. The Han, who were more optimistic about technology focused on the outlook, craftsmanship and advancement of technology, while the Romans concept clarified and organized technology models and types of government interventions which divided the social classes.

For centuries, nations have been innovating ways for a better life. The progress of technology is a vital key for a society to move forward at the same time making it attainable to acquire. These ideal tools were vital to what a Han government official; Huan Guan wanted (1st century B.C.E.). Especially since the government “wished” for well-made tools that that even the poorest peasants could afford to live a better life. Because the Han trade grew throughout the classical age, it monopolized the trade of iron and salt. However, Guan was against government involvement with technology and believed that a good government should have good intentions to help the people in all because technology is an essential part of the population of their people. It wouldn’t be fair to the commoner people who couldn’t afford the tools necessary for everyday life that were expensive and impractical. The ability to…

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