The Guest Speaker, Alexandra Willhite, Manager Of Ethics And Compliance At Shell

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The guest speaker, Alexandra Willhite, manager of Ethics and Compliance at Shell discussed about the events that happened within the company that lead to the present process of choosing employees. Willhite had referred to a quote of Frank Serpico, “We must create an atmosphere where the crooked cop fears the honest cop, and not the other way around. An honest cop should be able to speak without ridicule or reprisals. Those who speak out should be rewarded and respected by their superior, not punished.” This quote referred to the time of a police shooting that made people feel that there were no certain rules and limits. He showed in his article how whistleblowing and social responsibilities are important and is a must, not just for the police force but also for everyone. In Serpico article, whistleblowing, when an employee had disclosure an unethical and illegal practices, should be initiated more in more serious situations, whether it is big or small. People should not be punished for being honest and doing the right thing. In his article, in a whistleblowing culture, companies should hire employees who are honest, noble, trustworthy, etc. Some contents of corporate social responsibility was involved and it is based on on the actions and choices that benefits the society (Chapter 4). Actions of being morally ethical in serious situations helps the companies environment express more openly.
Many possibilities of “why don’t employees blow the whistle,” is because of personal…

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