The Growth And Development : Innovation And Advancement Of Technologies

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The degree to which internet business has matured and is constantly developing around the world with new innovations and technologies. The internet business and other plat-forms is continually developing and growing in a rapid speed. The main source of growth and development is innovation. Both PayPal and NTT provide great examples of large firms attempting to recreate themselves as innovative digital companies. These companies are focussed on keeping up with development and growth via innovation and advancement of technologies. In the early days PayPal and NTT were only companies that focused on innovation in the technological aspects towards consumer benefits and both companies helped for the global growth but now the competitors were emerged.
Companies strategies are really important in order to run an organisation. According to Lowson 2011 it enterprise adjustments that concern “core competencies, capabilities and processes, technologies, resources and key tactical activities necessary in any supply network, in order to create and deliver products or services and the value demanded by a customer” (Baum, 2011). It explains as a how organisation should run with long term perspective of companies’ operations. It happens through reconciliation of market requirement with operations resources. Therefore, this report will include PayPal and NTT companies’ strategies with elements of successful strategy formulation, implementation process of company strategy and key factors…

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