The Ground Rules Of The Group Essay

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within the group session. When it comes to leadership as explained as a social worker I would lead the group from behind allowing responsibility and feeling of competency fall into the hands of those inmates who are working within the group to accomplish similar set of goals. The ground rules of the group will be set in the beginning of each session, confidentiality will be a primary enforcement within the group to keep each inmate’s personal information and feeling confidential within the group, the group social worker, and the co-facilitator.

The process of here and now interactions will input clarity to help the inmates communicate effectively, this includes making sure the message is clear and understood by the group members. This process keeps the group focused on the topic at hand instead of getting off topic or sidetracked. Within the group some topics can be formed around inmate 's personal lives such as how substance and drug abuse has affected their home life and family, what exactly drew the inmate to get involved with the drug and substance abuse perspective of life. The group can also be opened up by allowing the inmates to speak openly about possible ways or process of curving or fixing the problem at hand.

When it comes to the group as a whole there is practical concerns found, these concerns to which can lead to a problem. A prison is a very culturally, racially, and physically mixed environment this can be a concern to the worker. Race has alway been an…

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