Essay on The Greenhouse Effect On Our Earth

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The greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring process within our atmosphere, it aids in heating the earths surface and atmosphere. The greenhouse affect is caused by the fact that certain atmospheric gases, gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapour and methane are able to change the energy balance of the planet by absorbing long wave radiation emitted from earth’s surface. Without the greenhouse affect our earth would be a chilly -18°C in comparison to the present average temperature of 15°C. As energy passes through the atmosphere a number of different changes take place. 26% precent of the suns energy is radiated back into space by clouds and other atmospheric partials. The clouds, gases and the other partials within the atmosphere absorb 19% of the energy from the sun. 4% is reflected back to space once it hits the Earths surface. Of that 100% of the suns energy about 51% of the suns radiation reaches the earths surface. This energy then goes into heating the ground, melting of ice and snow, evaporation of water and plant photosynthesis. This heating of the ground causes the earth’s surface to become a radiator of energy in the long wave band. This emission of energy is generally radiated back into space, but only a little bit of this radiation actually makes it back into space. Greenhouse gases absorb the majority of the outgoing infrared radiation. The green house gas cycle works like this- 90% of this emission of long wave energy is directed back to the earths…

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