Essay on The Greek Of The Great 's Death

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Hellenic refers to the people who lived in classical Greece before Alexander the Great 's death. Hellenic Greeks were isolated and their civilization was termed classic because it was not heavily influenced by outside forces. Hellenistic refers to Greeks and others who lived during the period after Alexander 's conquests. They differ from Hellenic in territory, culture, and political systems.
After the collapse of Mycenae around 1100 B.C. and Dorian invasions, the Greek Dark Ages ensued and the Archaic period began around 800BC. By 600BC the Archaic Period was in full swing, and this paved the way for hoplites in 650BC. This rapid military development was due to a common Hellenic theme of constant warfare.
The Classical Greek world was, in essence, a skillful combination of these qualities. The Greeks also created the concept of political freedom. The state was conceived as a community of free citizens who made laws in their own interest. As a direct democracy, for example, the Athenian citizen discussed, debated and voted on issues that affected him directly. The Greek discovery that man is capable of governing himself was a profound one. Underlying the Greek achievement was humanism. The Greeks expressed a belief in the worth, significance, and dignity of the individual. Man, should develop his personality fully in the city-state, a development which would, in turn, create a sound city-state as well. The pursuit of excellence ' arête ' was paramount. Such an aspiration…

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