The Greatest Leader Of One Of The Two Great Political Parties

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“Hamilton also became the esteemed leader of one of the two great political parties of the time.”( During Hamilton 's tenure as Treasury Secretary, political factions began to emerge. These became the Republicans, Now called the Democratic - Republican Party, which was led by James Madison and William Branch Giles, and included Thomas Jefferson, and the Federalists led by Hamilton and his many friends. Hamilton established a daily newspaper, at the time known as the New York Evening Post, solely to provide arguments for the Republican Party, and brought in William Coleman as the editor. Today, it goes by a different name: the New York Post. However, these achievements would come at a cost. Hamilton’s long-time friend and college James Madison joined the Republican Party due to some disagreements with Hamilton’s political views and Congressional reports. And the political parties created another problem for Alexander. With the French Revolution kicking up dust in Europe, the two parties were unable to agree on how the U.S. should respond. Hamilton and the Federalists depended on trade from Great Britain, but the Republicans saw France as the good guys and Britain as a threat to their party. In the end, Washington sent John Jay to negotiate with Britain and let Alexander Hamilton write Jay’s instructions. This resulted in the Jay Treaty which involved the U.S. staying neutral so it could continue trade with Britain, which upset Jefferson. “…in the crucible of the…

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