Essay on The Greatest Kings Of Ancient Babylon

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From Iraq to the United States of America, years of strength and the courage Iraq, the country of great ancient civilizations, Babylon, Ashur, Akad, Summaria, civilizations back to seven thousand years B.C., one of the first countries in the invention of literacy and codification and printing in stone, medicine and alternative medicine, chemistry and the art of mummification, jewelry and wheel, aviation, and the first country on earth to write the low as a code, wich is ( the law code ancient Mesopotamia ) wrote by the King Hammurabi one of the greatest kings of ancient Babylon in the period between 1792 - 1749 BC.
Yes, this was my home country, wich am very proud of, I was born there, lived there almost my whole life, but it so unfortunate to say, that this great history, was part of the past, not the present, and what hurts me even more is the only present we know, is full of wars, suffering, agony, bloodshed ( over 2 million people killed in the war and violence ), lack of freedoms, lack of democracy, lots of individual dictatorships, and now so unfortunately, weakness in the country management, and lack of integrity. Living in such place and circumstances, must have the biggest influence and impact of shaping my personality, and make me the way I am now, and I can say, that the basic heroic characteristics I have developed and used throughout my life, are a combination between two superpowers (ENDURANCE and BRAVERY), which has greatly…

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