The Greatest Feats Of Mechanical Engineering Essay

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In the mid 1800’s the steam engine was one of the greatest feats of mechanical engineering that has contributed to modern technology. Before steam power, people relied on horse or man power to do grunt work. Also, factories were limited to certain locations that had water or wind power. The steam engine has made a huge impact on modern technology and was the catalyst for mass production in the United states.
Steam engines were a marvelous piece of engineering during the industrial revolution that changed modern technology. The use of coal was widespread during the 18th and 19th century. Coal is abundant everywhere since it is an organic chemical that is produced from dead plant matter squeezed and pressurized by the earths crust over billions of years. This makes coal a great source of energy. Coal is made up of hydrogen and oxygen atom bonds. When burned, the bonds break apart and release heat energy. People would burn coal to heat a boiler filled with water to produce steam. The boiler is in simplest terms, a tea kettle. The tank has a bunch of thin metal tubes running throughout the tank which carries hot air from burning coal through the water in order to heat it efficiently. The steam that is produced is sent through an inlet valve. The inlet valve lets high pressure steam exit the boiler and go through a cylinder. It pushes a piston back and forth. When the piston is fully recoiled, the inlet valve closes, and the pressure releases through a chimney, creating a push…

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