Essay about The Greater Of Two Evils

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The Greater of Two Evils One of the main topics in political news around the world today is the action of the North Korea leader, Kim Jong-UN. Between conducting unauthorized weapons test to executing other North Korean politicians, Kim Jong-UN has sparked many debates about his leadership skills and if he is a good leader for North Korea. He has even been compared to other leaders like the twenty-century dictator, Joseph Stalin. Even though Stalin has committed more heinous crimes then Kim Jong-UN, Stalin has had more of a positive impact on his country. There are many different governmental systems in world and when looking at different political systems, there is a discernible continuum of freedom offered to the citizens. Democracies offer the most freedoms to its people where as totalitarian systems have their citizens ' freedoms under lock and key. Totalitarian systems try to take control of the peoples public, personal, and emotional lives. Until the development of travel and mass media, it was impossible for a government to have complete control over of anything more then a small group of people. In the twentieth century, when mass media, electronic surveillance equipment, and prisons with torture facilities became more commonly used, totalitarianism became more viable for people with limitless desire for control. When this happened, totalitarian government systems started to become more common. The rapid rise of these governments became so wide spread that in 1940,…

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