The Great Wall Of America By Richard Rodriguez Essay

1037 Words May 30th, 2016 null Page
Many of the major political issues of our time revolve around the U.S.-Mexican border. Although the scholarly opinions tend to favor an open border and policies that benefit immigrants, perspectives often differ based Reporter David Von Drehle and an immigrant named Richard Rodriguez both penned selections of the same name: “The Great Wall of America”. These articles are similar in that they both explore the effects of border control and immigration policy on the mythical concept of the American Dream. Both discuss economic struggles that immigrants often face, as well as the functionality and purpose of the wall itself. Although at first glance they may seem to offer similar opinions on these matters, closer scrutiny reveals nuanced differences due to their disparate perspectives. As an ostensibly objective reporter, Drehle explains the American dream from two sides. On the one hand, the American Dream is an opportunity to have life, liberty and prosperity through hard work, where one can thrive and live a solid comfortable life in America. However, today this dream has lost its true meaning because of the politics surrounding immigration. The American Dream, according to some people, is built on the opportunity for immigrants to come in, work hard, and prove themselves by achieving their success. However, others believe that by freely allowing immigrants to enter America, The Dream is disgraced. They believe that by allowing immigrants in to take over jobs, take…

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