The Great Migration By Isabel Wilkerson Essay example

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Nancy Torres
Mrs. Dejong
Honors English 10-7
7 May 2015
The Great Migration The Great Migration was a movement in which a large number of African Americans relocated from the rural south to urban cities in Northern and Western United States. This movement lasted from 1915 to 1970 and approximately six million African Americans left their homes to move to urban cities. In hopes of escaping injustice in the south and in search for different job opportunities, numerous African Americans migrated to Chicago. Although Chicago was the most prominent city to move to, migrants also moved to other areas. Living conditions were overcrowded, homes were overpriced, and communities were still segregated. The Great Migration was a time period in which African Americans migrated north for various reasons; throughout years of suffrage they gained political freedom as well as control and growth was spurred in numerous aspects. African Americans suffered greatly in the rural South. White people had some type of superiority over black people. Journalist Isabel Wilkerson shows the superiority of white men over black men in her book The Warmth of Other Suns: African Americans “had to step off the sidewalk when a white person approached, were banished to jobs nobody else wanted no matter their skill or ambition, couldn’t vote, but could be hanged on suspicion of the pettiest infraction…In everyday interactions, a black person could not contradict a white person or speak unless spoken to first”…

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