Essay The Great Gatsby : The American Dream

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The Great Gatsby: The American Dream [Rough Draft] The majority of individuals possess their own inspirational dream which invites one to attain hope if they are successful or learn from their mistakes if otherwise. The 1920’s portrayed countless number of opportunities where everyone could achieve their ideal at an equal prospective. During F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, a variety of characters attempt to pursue their American dreams which for some cases, did not work out as intended. Such versions of the American dream can be (are) revealed with Daisy’s obsession of her opulent status, George’s desired mentality of restarting his life with Myrtle, and Gatsby’s overall (deleted) dedication to win Daisy back. The presence of fortunes and a famous reputation can be astonishing for many, but for Daisy, she decides to prioritize it for her ultimate fulfilment. Nick points out her indiscretions to Gatsby, seeing it as a factor of her money which reveals Gatsby’s point of view on it. As Gatsby suddenly interrupts, he says, “‘Her voice is full of money’” (115). Since Daisy has been well provided with old money her whole life, it is safe to say that this quote (change?) shows how privileged she is and how careless she would treat other ordinary people. Gatsby and Nick base these facts on the way they hear her voice because it can be easily identified throughout the way she speaks. Her motives prove to be corrupted and selfish when Nick claims, “They were careless…

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