The Great Gatsby Greed Analysis

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The great Gatsby Rough Draft

In the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald he sugguests, through his use of characters, that greed controls a person’s decisions. Through the Development in his novel greed plays an important role in the characters decisions. Fitzgerald’s Character Daisy acts are both selfish and full of greed. First she is not happy with her husband, Tom, and greedily want another man’s love. This man’s name is Gatsby. She already had the chance of loving Gatsby but chose the rich life with tom instead. Once her love affair with Gatsby is discovered by Tom she is faced with trying times because of “[Smashing] up things and creatures” like Myrtle and Gatsby lives then they proceeded to “retreat back into their money and vast
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Myrtle’s life is consumed by greed which inevitably leads to destruction. Myrtle was Tom’s secret girlfriend even though she is married to George. Although she already has a husband Myrtle wants a more extravagant life with wealth. She wanted to change her life and thought that if her social status changed she would change too. She believed in this theory so far that when she changed what she wears “her personality also undergone a change” (30). Myrtle’s hunger for a different life then she already has pushed her to run out into “the dusk waving her hands and shouting” for what she thought was Toms car to stop and take her away to a life for of great riches (137). Instead of being satisfied with the life, love, and money she has Myrtle greedily wishes for more which ends her life in the process of trying to acquire more riches. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald the author shows the reader how greed is a bad thing and a very controlling element when it consumes our thoughts. For some it can even lead to death and destruction. One can clearly see the relationship between greed and the negative consequences in their

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