The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The Great Gatsby is a classic novel written by Scott F. Fitzgerald. Jay Gatsby is the essence of a mysterious character and is devoted to a life of solitude and secrecy. He is a man that is willing to do whatever it takes to find the woman he loves. Because no one knows much about him or his life, Jay Gatsby is considered a mysterious man. Jay Gatsby is a lonely, mysterious, and wealthy man that is determined to find happiness in his life. Jay Gatsby was not always wealthy. He was born on a small farm in North Dakota with a family who did not have a large annual income. Once he left home, he was fortunate enough to become friends and work with a man named Dan Cody. After Cody dies, Gatsby joins the army, where he meets the love of his life, Daisy. Gatsby falls head over heels in love with Daisy due to her youthful liveliness. When he leaves to fight in the military, Daisy marries a man named Tom Buchanan. Tom is a wealthy man whose family has been at the top of the social hierarchy for many years. When Gatsby discovers the news after returning from war, he is devastated. From this point forward, he decides he is going to devote the rest of his life to winning Daisy back. Gatsby inherits a large fortune from Dan Cody and believes that he will be able to lure Daisy back due to his new economic status. Gatsby’s mansion is ironically located right across the bay from the Buchanan’s home. His desire to win Daisy back changes him as a person and controls his life; he is…

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