The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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America as a country faced a great period of transition in the 1920’s. After decades of staying away from foreign entanglements, World War I brought the United States back into the affairs of the rest of the World, and brought all of the people involved into unfamiliar surroundings. During the war, most of the young men were sent into Europe to fight for their country, while the women were sent into the workforce in order to replace all of the absent men. After the war, both the young men who had fought in the war, and the young women who were thrust into the workforce, returned to their original lives, having been exposed to new ideas on how to live life, and new morals. This led to the next generation living a lifestyle with widely contrasting morals from the generations preceding them. F. Scott Fitzgerald was a part of this new generation, and reflected the morals and changes in the culture of his new generation in his novels, including The Great Gatsby. Using the setting and characters, F. Scott Fitzgerald recreated the changes in American society after World War I in The Great Gatsby.
One quality that Fitzgerald noticed in the generation he lived in was hypocrisy, and he illustrated this quality through characters such as Tom Buchanan. As a matter of fact, Tom Buchanan meets the exact definition of a hypocrite through his actions throughout the novel. For example, Mr. Buchanan was notorious for being unfaithful to his wife, and it was well known that he has had an…

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